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GU Energy Labs Roctane™ Ultra Endurance Energy Drink Canister Lemon Lime -- 12 Servings

Pure Performance Energy™. Train With The ROC / Race With The ROC. Carbohydrate-Intensive Energy Drink. With Taurine & Amino Acids. With Caffeine. 12 Servings. TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. An athlete exercising at high intensity relies almost entirely on carbohydrates for fuel. Carbohydrate-dense ROCTANE ULTRA ENDURANCE ENERGY DRINK provides easily available energy while also supporting rehydration during training and racing. Science supports the efficacy of key ingredients [taurine & caffeine in combination beta alanine and the Roctane Amino Acid Blend] as nutritional essentials to help meet  your most ambitious athletic goals. Use in conjunction with Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel as your regimen demands.  . CORE EFFICACY. CRITICAL CARBS. Concentrated carbohydrate energy drink for intense and/or long-lasting exercise. Uses an ideal ratio of complex to simple carbs; optimized for rapid absorption. Don't demonize simple sugar! Time and again research has shown this combination to be a better alternative for high performance than complex carbs alone. SUPER HYDRATION. Contains ample electrolytes - sodium and potassium - to aid in the chase to stay hydrated. Super light-tasting formula means it goes to down easily hour after our. KEY PERFORMANCE INGREDIENTS. TAURINE may improve heart and skeletal muscle function especially during prolonged exercise.  . CAFFEINE supplementation during intense exercise can increase power output of muscles and may reduce perceived effort. Contains 35mg per serving - except Grape flavor.  . BETA ALANINE intake may help improve muscle buffering capacity and performance during intense efforts.  . AMINO ACIDS can provide extra energy reduce muscle damage and help to maintain concentration over long efforts.
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