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GU Energy Labs Roctane™ Ultra Endurance Energy Drink Lemon Lime -- 10 Packets

Pure Performance Energy™. Train With The ROC / Race With The ROC. Carbohydrate-Intensive Energy Drink. With Taurine & Amino Acids. With Caffeine. 10 Pack. ROCTANE MEANS PURE PERFORMANCE ENERGY. An athlete exercising at high intensity relies almost entirely on carbohydrates for fuel. Carbohydrate-dense ROCTANE ULTRA ENDURANCE ENERGY DRINK provides easily available energy while also supporting rehydration during training and racing. Science supports the efficacy of key ingredients [taurine & caffeine in combination beta alanine and the Roctane Amino Acid Blend] as nutritional essentials to help meet  your most ambitious athletic goals. Use in conjunction with Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel as your regimen demands.  . CORE EFFICACY. CRITICAL CARBS. Concentrated carbohydrate energy drink for intense and/or long-lasting exercise. Uses an ideal ratio of complex to simple carbs; optimized for rapid absorption. Don't demonize simple sugar! Time and again research has shown this combination to be a better alternative for high performance than complex carbs alone. SUPER HYDRATION. Contains ample electrolytes - sodium and potassium - to aid in the chase to stay hydrated. Super light-tasting formula means it goes to down easily hour after our. KEY PERFORMANCE INGREDIENTS. TAURINE may improve heart and skeletal muscle function especially during prolonged exercise. CAFFEINE supplementation during intense exercise can increase power output of muscles and may reduce perceived effort. Contains 35mg per serving - except Grape flavor. BETA ALANINE intake may help improve muscle buffering capacity and performance during intense efforts. AMINO ACIDS can provide extra energy reduce muscle damage and help to maintain concentration over long efforts.
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