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MET-Rx Hi-Test Amino 2400 Wild Cherry -- 16 fl oz

The Revolutionary Science of Recovery. Amino-Sorb Complex to:. Soothe Overworked Joints. Help Build Cartilage. Support Mobility. BCAA Nitrogen Formulation. Heavy lifting puts extreme stress on your muscles and joints which is why it's essential to provide your body with the firepower it needs to come back bigger and stronger.  . MET-Rx® Hi-Test Amino 2400 contains high concentrations of specific aminos such as glycine proline and hydroxyproline to help build joint cartilage support mobility and soothe overworked joints. These aminos also are used to form the triple helix of collagen needed for joint structure.  . If you take a protein supplement every day to build your muscles make sure to stack it with MET-Rx Hi-Test Amino 2400 to help build your cartilage - so you can unleash the pain on the weights not on your joints.  . • Feature Amino-Sorb technology for rapid delivery of Aminos right when you need it. • Contains a blend of essential amino acids including all three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).
Customer reviews for MET-Rx Hi-Test Amino 2400 Wild Cherry -- 16 fl oz
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