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Random Good Calories - Bad Calories by Gary Taubes -- 1 Book

"A vitally important book destined to change the way we think about food." - Michael Pollan. Author of In Defense of Food.  . "Gary Taubes is a brave and bold science journalist who does not accept conventional wisdom." - The New York Times. Fats Carbs and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health. For decades we have been taught that fat is bad for us carbohydrates better and that the key to a healthy weight is eating less and exercising more. Yet despite this advice we have seen unprecedented epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Taubes argues that the problem lies in refined carbohydrates like white flour easily digested starches and sugars and that the key to good health is the kind of calories we take in not the number. In this groundbreaking book award-winning science writer Gary Taubes shows us that almost everything we believe about the nature of a healthy diet is wrong.  . "Brilliant and enlightening...Taubes is a relentless researcher." - The Washington Post.  . "Easily the most important book on diet and health to be published in the past one hundred years. It is clear fast-paced and exciting to read rigorous authoritative and a beacon of hope for all those who struggle with problems of weight regulation and general health." - Richard Rhodes.  . "A watershed...Lucid and lively...It could literally change the way you eat the way you look and how long you live." - Minneapolis Star Tribune.  . "Taubes tackles the subject with the seriousness and scientific insight it deserves building a devastating case against the low-fat high-carb way of life endorsed by so many nutrition experts in recent years." - Barbara Ehrenreich
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