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Natrol Esselence Classics™ HAIR Energizer -- 50 Tablets

Rejuvenate Your HAIR. Anti-Aging Factor. Natural Hair Energizer. Helps Promote: Hair Re-growth / Thickens Hair Naturally. Restore Your Inner Beauty. Rejuvenate Your Hair. Every woman dreads the day when she notices the first signs of hair loss or hair thinning. But for many that day is arriving even earlier then expected. Over 20 million women experience premature hair loss and thinning hair.  . By combining a powerful mixture of herbs such as He Shou Wu and Horsetail Extract with vital hair energizing co-factor nutrients such as B Vitamins Biotin and more Esselence Classics™ HAIR helps to maximize follicular growth and thicken hair naturally!  . Youthful & Thick Hair... Esselence Classics™ HAIR formula helps combat hair loss and thinning hair with a nutritional approach. Natrol has blended Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science to create the latest breakthrough in achieving full lustrous healthy hair. The result is a revolutionary formula which delivers beautiful results. Helps reduce age-related hair loss. Safe & Effective. 100% Natural Herbal Blend
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