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GENR8 Vitargo® S2™ Muscle Fuel and Recovery Grape -- 1.7 lbs

University Proven. 2X Faster Glycemic Rise. 1.7X Faster Glycogen. Faster Absorbing Muscle Energy. Up to 23% Greater Post-Workout Performance. 178% Greater Insulin Release for Anti-Catabolic Action. Gluten Free. Sugar-Free Drink Mix (not a low calorie product). GENr8 Vitargo S2 is the first and only Super Soluble form of the fastest recovery and re/fuel carbohydrate ever proven in university research studies. Where other products use maltodextrin sugars - or even waxy or enzyme-modified starches - Vitargo S2's patented IVg technology delivers proven faster gut transit glycemic and insulin responses glycogen re/fueling and performance. Vitargo S2 is 100% sugar-free.  . • Leaves the stomach quicker 130% faster than maltodextrin + sugars - in the first 10 minutes after ingestion. This leads to less stomach "distress" and faster absorbing muscle energy.  . • Gets into muscle faster 68% faster glycogen re/fueling than maltodextrin + sugars after intense exhaustive workouts.  . • Boosts performance in your next workout Up to 23% greater maximal endurance (average of 10% greater) 2 hours after exhaustive glycogen-depleting exercise compared to maltodextrin + sugars.  . • Turns off muscle protein breakdown 178% greater insulin than maltodextrin + sugars within 10 minutes - the most potent natural way to activate the anti-catabolic signals that spare muscle protein.
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