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Amino Acids(1,608)
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Fish Oil(1,471)
Krill Oil(701)
Vitamin A(148)
Vitamin B(4,904)
Vitamin C(2,857)
Vitamin D(2,611)
Vitamin E(525)
Vitamin K(299)
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Irwin Naturals Strong Bones and Healthy Teeth™ -- 130 Liquid Softgels

Much More Than Just Calcium! Easy-to-Absorb Triple Calcium. Triple Magnesium & Omega-3. Vitamin K1 K2 & Vitamin D3. Daily Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3 Oils. Strong Bones & Healthy Teeth is a different kind of product. Specially-formulated to help you overcome the temporary indigestion commonly associated with calcium supplementation this product is built for easy absorption and maximum utilization.  . Easy-to-Absorb: When it comes to calcium more is not necessarily better! Calcium must be absorbed in order to be utilized by the body. That's why this formula includes three highly-absorbable forms of calcium plus vitamin D3 (which increases active calcium absorption from the intestines) and Betaine HCl (which contributes to stomach acid for calcium breakdown) all in fast-acting Liquid Softgels.  . Targeted Nutrients: To support proper mineralization of bones and teeth this formula delivers more than just calcium...supplying 300% RDI of vitamin K plus a combination of minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. Emerging research has linked fish oil to strong healthy bones.  . Bones and teeth are active living tissue that require a steady influx of nutrients to maintain optimal structure. This advanced nutritional formula can help nourish your body to help maintain a healthy skeletal system as you age.
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