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Crazy Dog Train-Me! Dog Training Reward™ Treats Bacon -- 16 oz

Gourmet Dog Treat. Focuses • Motivates • Rewards. Grab Dog's Attention. Focus Dog on Task. Motivates Dogs to Perform. Rewards Dogs for Learning. Shorten the Learning Curve.   Every dog treat is not necessarily a successful Training Reward! The Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Rewards have been tested and recommended by thousands of professional dog trainers because they have proven to attract focus motivate and reward dogs for learning a task. And that helps shorten the learning curve and make training lessons more successful!  . Port liver (tested against all other meats) is the first ingredient in all the treats. It has proven to be the most effective at attracting and maintaining a dog's attention and focus. To add variety to your dog's training sessions other natural flavors like bacon beef and chicken are added to the pork liver.  . A well trained dog is a member of the family.  . Always have fresh water available for your pet. Train-Me Treats. The right choice.
Customer reviews for Crazy Dog Train-Me! Dog Training Reward™ Treats Bacon -- 16 oz
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