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MHP X-Fit Trainer™ Cranberry Orange -- 8 oz

Clinically Derived. Energy • Power • Endurance. Pre-Workout Formula. Extreme Fitness Intensity Training. Meet Your New Trainer! Fast paced high intensity cross-training workouts create greater physical challenge than ordinary pre-workout products may be able to handle. New clinically tested dosed X-Fit Trainer is specially formulated to help you conquer all of these challenges and get the most out of every workout.  . • Trainer contains 100% of the clinical dose of a natural ingredient shown to increase energy levels up to 79%. With Trainer you can maximize focus and intensity with no synthetic stimulants or any substances banned by WADA.  . • Trainer's massive 3.2 g clinical dose of beta-alanine can increase buffering of lactic acid up to 35% so you can train harder and faster. With nearly double a clinical dose of creatine you can also boost your strength gains up to 45%.  . • Frequent high intensity training can chronically elevate cortisol a catabolic hormone. Only Trainer contains CortiFit™ a patented high potency adaptogenic botanical extract shown to lower cortisol up to 24% so you can promote lean muscle mass.  . • Increase post-workout fat burning! With Trainer's clinically dosed thermogenic blend you can break down more body fat and continue burning up to 12% more calories for up to 4 hours after your workout.  . Banned Substance Free
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