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CarboPro SportQuest CARBO-PRO Pure Complex Carbohydrates -- 2 lb Bag

Immediate Sustained Energy. Perfect Before During & After Your Workouts. To Rapidly Increase Muscle Glycogen Levels. Energize:. Carb-Load to Energize to Max Muscle Glycogen Levels. Add to Any Cold Fluid to Get the Required Amount of Calories per Hour per lb of Bodyweight - Hydrate. Re-Load to Recover to Restore and Replenish Muscle Glycogen Levels (Take at least 50 to 100 grams of Carbo-Pro immediately after exercise to take advantage of the high levels of activity of the glycogen storage enzyme glycogen synthase) - Rehydrate. To Maintain Peak Performance. A Premium Fuel - Instantly dispersible and readily digestible - the most efficient source of energy and Hydration. Replenishes muscle glycogen and helps in reducing the use of muscle protein for fuel. Use it to achieve the highest levels of muscle glycogen and maintain that level before during and after training or competition. Carbo-Pro is easily absorbed even at higher concentration: 12% to 16% (2 scoops / 50 grams of Carbo-Pro in 12 oz to 16 oz of water). Makes it easy for the athlete to determine carbohydrate intake and concentration based on intensity and duration of activity.  . Carbo-Pro is an advanced glucose polymer derived through a patented and advanced polymerizatioin and agglomeration process. It has increase substrate availability and a "kinetic advantage" for glucose absorption. It has a clean non-sweet (neutral flavor). It has a perfect balance of caloric concentration and osmolality. Solutions made with Carbo-Pro possess around 20% of the osmolality of pure glucose solution of comparable concentration. The Osmolality of 50 grams Carbo-Pro in 250 mL of distilled water is less the 200 mOsm; much lower than normal blood Osmalility values which range from 280 to 300 mOsm. Carbo-Pro provides higher caloric density as a hypotonic solution without exceeding osmotic balance and facilitates quick absorption without causing gastric distress. Easy to Carbo-Load or Re-Load.
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