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CarboPro Vantage VO2 MaxEndurance™ -- 150 Capsules

Synergy of Phosphate OKG A-KIC Glycine Cordyceps Rhodiola L-Carnosine Citrulline Malate Beta-Alanine Vanadium Chromium. Reduces Muscle Soreness and Beats the Burn. Increases Oxygen Uptake and Availability. Aerobic or Anaerobic  - Enhances Performance. Optimizes Energy Systems for Explosive Power. Unleash Power Strength & Endurance. Beat the Burn & Prevent DOMS. Vantage VO2-MaxEndurance is a scientifically formulated absolutely legal pure and clean performance enhancing supplement that can beat the burn prevent Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness and delay the onset of mental fatigue. It also helps in reducing ammonia burden. It contains major neutralizers and ammonia cleansers such as phosphates bicarbonate L-Carnosine Beta-Alanine Citrulline Malate OKG Arginine KIC as well as a synergistic combination of lactate and energy metabolizers.
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