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Olympian Labs Get Ripped Get Fit Complete Starter Kit -- 1 Kit

When Strength Is Everything. Pre-Workout • Recovery • HGH Boosting • Fat Burning • Proteins. Contents:. C-AKG Powder. BCAA KETO. A-AKG Powder. MAXCUTS. Beef Protein. Blender Sports Bottle. How To Get Started Program Guide. Fitness Journal. PRE-WORKOUT- C-AKG POWDER. Creatine may help increase both endurance and strength by increasing the availability of the cells energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). C-AKG Powder supports maximum performance and may help maintain healthy levels of cellular energy. Additionally C-AKG Powder promotes increased workout endurance which may in turn increase exercise performance. -AKG may improve healthy muscle mass. Alpha Ketoglutarate supports Creatine's pre-workout benefits by reducing lactic acid and creating Glutamine which restores energy.  . RECOVERY - BCAA KETO. BCAA's may reduce muscle fatigue and muscle loss during workouts leading to better recovery. Clinical studies show that supplementation with BCAA leads to less post workout soreness. This formula contains a 3:1 ratio of Leucine to both Isoleucine and Valine for maximum results. BCAA may support maximum performance & increased cellular energy and may increase gains in healthy muscle & tissue mass.  . HGH BOOSTING - A-AKG POWDER. Arginine is an amino acid that enhances muscle synthesis and recovery and may increase human growth hormone. The potential benefits of an increased human growth hormone (HGH) level include maintaining healthy weight improved recovery and gains in healthy muscle mass. Supplementing with Arginine Alpha- (NO) levels. NO is a key molecule used by  your body to transport oxygen increase blood flow and deliver  nutrients to skeletal muscle. The more NO the bigger the pump and the bigger the muscle will become. A-AKG may help to increase workout performance which may result in gained muscle mass.  . FAT BURNING - MAXCUTS. MAXCUTS contains the ultimate combination of ingredients to assist in weight management and may provide you with the energy needed to get you through your workout.  . BENEFITS OF MAXCUTS:. Energized Workout. Increased metabolic Health. Improved Performance. Healthy Muscle Pump. Enhanced Exercise Capacity. Healthy Recovery. Increased Mental Alertness. PROTEINS - BEEF PROTEIN. Olympian Labs Inc. Beef Protein isolate concentrates the normal 26% protein content found in ground beef to an incredible 98% protein: the highest on the market! That means you get higher protein content per gram to support your workouts.  . BENEFITS OF BEEF PROTEIN. Non-GMO ingredients. 100% Gluten Free. Cholesterol Free. Source Of Beneficial Amino Acids. Low Fat. May Help Maintain Healthy Levels of Glucose. May Maintain Healthy Levels of Collagen. BV of 90% with a Protein Content of 98% per gram!
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