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Nutra Origin Krill Oil 2X Double Potency with Astaxanthin -- 30 Softgels

From the Leader in Omega-3 Research. Ultra High-Performance and Purity. Significant Impact on Health. Proprietary Extraction Technology. 1000 mg Krill Oil per Softgel. 85 mg EPA ~ 45 mg DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids have remarkable potential to improve human health and are recommended by most health-care professionals. Some benefits have been proven through placebo-controlled clinical trials of NutraOrigin products and other benefits are still under study. NutraOrigin is the only brand of Omega-3 products tested in extensive clinical trials thus the only brand of Omega-3 products tested in extensive clinical trials thus the only brand that can guarantee benefits.  . Manufacture of fish oil supplements are only required to conform to Good Manufacturing Practices to insure the quality of their products. However GMPs fall well short of the rigorous processes employed in pharmaceutical development and placebo-controlled trials - the processes employed by NutraOrigin to unlock the full potential of Omega-3 fatty acids for the human body.  . In a groundbreaking double-blind study of NutraOrigin supplements subjects in two groups were tested for reaction time sleep deprivation ability to focus and other indicators. One group took a placebo (identical capsules filled with olive oil). In the NutraOrigin group test subjects demonstrated a significant improvement in all factors across the board.  . This product is the result of years of clinical research development and novel manufacturing techniques that establish a new reference for purity potency bioavailability and quality.  . NutraOrigin proprietary manufacturing process insures optima health benefits.  . NutraOrigin researches how Omega-3 fatty acids impact the human body then develop methods to extract store and purify these precious materials for maximum efficacy. The relentless commitment to advancing the science of Omega-3 supplementation has resulted in important verifiable benefits for healthier lives.  . The krill oil with astaxanthin is undergoing intensive clinical research to substantiate its unique properties. This research will be published soon. Meanwhile be assured that this krill oil product is manufactured to the same exacting standards as the fish oils - unmatched purity quality and efficacy.  . NutraOrigin evaluate Omega-3 fatty acids from various sources because krill oil is not merely a variation of fish oil. there are specific benefits associated with each due to compounds that change their metabolism absorption and other activities.  . In the arduous course of extraction involving sophisticated equipment and many steps of processing and filtering there is significant variation in the quality and purity of Omega-3 compounds. NutraOrigin has done more than any manufacturer to refine the process so you can have confidence that you are using the best product for your health.
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