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Amino Acids(1,375)
Coconut Oil(3,471)
Fish Oil(1,434)
Krill Oil(736)
Vitamin A(142)
Vitamin B(4,644)
Vitamin C(2,739)
Vitamin D(2,484)
Vitamin E(485)
Vitamin K(276)
Whole Foods(1,206)
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Applied Nutrition Bloat-Less™ -- 20 Liquid Soft-Gels

The Fast Effective Way to Lose Excess Water Weight & Fell Less Bloated!  . Doctor Developed - Maximum Strength. Fast • Effective • Gentle. Enhanced with Electrolyte & Antioxidant Support. Healthy Bladder & Urinary Tract with:. Cranberry. Juniper. Dandelion. Grape Seed Extract.   A puffy face a bloated belly and a snug waistband are a few signs of temporary water-weight gain caused by excessive fluid retention.  . Fortunately there's a fast and gentle solution. The all-natural herbal blend found in Bloat-Less has been scientifically formulated to ease the bloating and discomfort caused by excessive fluid retention. Loaded with powerful ingredients Bloat-Less can help reduce excess water weight so you look slimmer and feel Herbal Diuretic Blend: Bloat-Less provides a combination of herbs that are prized for their exceptional diuretic properties - including Uva-Ursi Dandelion and Parsley. Electrolyte Support Formula: Losing excess fluids can potentially flush away important electrolytes. That's why Bloat-Less includes Potassium and nutrient-dense herbs such as Hibiscus to help replenish and maintain healthy mineral levels. Antioxidants for Cellular Support: Bloat-Less has been fortified with powerful antioxidants including Grape Seed and Cranberry to help support cellular health. Liquid Soft-Gels: These easy-to-swallow liquid soft-gels are optimized to provide superior delivery and absorption.
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