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Xigo Health Xigo Nighttime Repose -- 30 Vegetable Capsules

End your day the XIGO way with easy restful sleep. Ashwaganda • L-Theanine • Melatonin.  . XIGO™ (pronounced chee-go) Nighttime Repose For Easy Restful Sleep. Vegicaps. XIGO - for easy restful sleep.  . Nighttime Repose supports sound restful sleep by combining all-natural ingredients into a gentle relaxing formula. Developed to help you break the stimulant/sedative cycle XIGO's Nighttime Repose contains:.  . Ashwaganda - an herb traditionally used for relieving anxiety and managing stress. L-Theanine - an amino acid found in green tea that promotes relaxation. Melatonin - a natural compound found in plants that induces sound sleep.  . Together these ingredients support the body's production of essential hormones and chemicals for relieving anxiety and inducing sound restful sleep. This gentle approach supports your body's natural sleep/wake cycles and can be used long-term.  . End your day the XIGO way. XIGO's Nighttime Repose is formulated to relieve anxiety ease the mind and relax the body without inducing heavy sedation. Get the rest you need to be your best.
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