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Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein™ Vanilla -- 16.58 oz

Where Science & Nature Meet. Comprehensive Plant Proteins. Balanced for Rapid & Complete Absorption. With the Amino Acid Ratio of Human Muscle. Version 2.0. Vanilla Flavor. Gluten Free. Vegan/Vegetarian. 20g Protein Per Serving. Added B12 & Enzymes. Gluten & Soy Free. 14 Ingredient Formula. An alkalinizing nutrient dense plant protein complex from 13.7 lbs of vegetables with All branched chain aminos (BCAAs) to improve muscle synthesis & endurance.  . PureGreen Protein: The Smart Alternative. Most of today's meats and dairy products carry dangerous amounts of growth stimulant antibiotic and hormone contaminants. Plant proteins are free of those harmful substances. they can be used in place of animal protein but only if all the essential amino acids are present in the right combination. Nearly all plant proteins lack one or more essential amino acids or contain so little of one that it is as if the amino acid were absent. But few plant proteins fare better Pea protein ranks highly with an amino acid ratio roughly approximating human muscle . Spirulina protein and rice protein contain good amounts of all essential amino acids.  . Matches Human Muscle. By combining a variety of plant proteins in correct amounts adding a few select free amino acids we crated a pure vegetable protein with an amino acid ratio that surpasses albumin and whey proteins and is nearly equal to that of human muscle tissue. We call it PureGreen Protein. Non-GMO protein from Pea Rice Spirulina and Alfalfa are joined with four free amino acids (Lysine Methionine Threonine and Valine)  to create the first all vegetable protein ideally balanced for human compatibility.  . Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Valine Leucine and Isoleucine are the Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). They are responsible for muscle synthesis and repair. Seventy-Five percent of all BCAAs ingested by infants go to muscle synthesis. Athletes need them too for muscle building and endurance.  BCAAs can be consumed for fuel during prolonged exercise. As they are lost more tryptophan metabolites enter the brain thereby raising serotonin levels. Elevated serotonin during exercise creates a sense of fatigue. Supplemental BCAAs may reduce perceived exertion and mental fatigue during prolonged exercise by supporting normal BCAA: tryptophan ratios thereby limiting increased synthesis of serotonin in the brain.
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Customer reviews for Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein™ Vanilla -- 16.58 oz
Review 1 for Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein™ Vanilla -- 16.58 oz
Overall rating:
5 / 5
5 / 5
Quality protein supplement
 August 3, 2014
"I've been using this product for a while now. It has a good flavor and mixes well with almond milk, flax milk, and coconut milk. Quality ingredients are used in this product which is very important to me. Highly recommend."
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