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Animal Naturals K9 Lean Dog™ -- 16 oz

New! All Natural & Stimulant Free! Lean-for-Life Supplement. Flavor Even Finicky Dogs Love! Made with Human Grade Ingredients. Advanced Canine Weight Control PLUS Glucosamine MSM Omega-3s Antioxidants & More! 2-in 1 Formula. Leaner! Curbs Hunger. Promotes Fat Burning. Protects Muscle. Livelier! Fights Inflammation. Rejuvenates Joints. Modern Science Offers New Hope for a Leaner Longer Life! Like humans dogs are getting fatter. LEAN DOG is scientifically-designed to "reset" your dog's body back to healthy ideal weight. LEAN DOG helps your dog reclaim the heritage of healthy weight 5 ways:. "Second Meal" Effect Proteins peptides natural precursors in LEAN DOG safely promote body's own "feel full" hormone CCK. Elevated CCK curbs hunger. Break Fat-Inflammation Cycle Antioxidants plant sterols flavonoids help suppress release of inflammatory chemicals (called cytokines) by fat cells. Stimulate Fat Burning L-Arginine R-alpha Lipoic acid MCTs stimulate fat-burning brown adipose tissue (BAT). Keep Muscle Lose Fat Aminos L-Citrulline and L-Leucine promotes: chemical messengers that help protect muscle while fat is lost. Support Joints A full 275 glucosamine plus MSM are included for joint support. Fun Exercise! Even easy exercise burns calories. Did you know you and your dog can burn fat hours after exercise. Doing stuff with your dog is healthy - for both of you.
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