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Vitamin K(301)
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Futurebiotics Organic Seasonal Immunity -- 90 Vegetarian Tablets

USDA Certified Organic. Freeze-Dried Manuka Honey and Medicinal Mushrooms. Daily Bioactives for Seasonal Immune Support. 30 Day Supply. Vegetarian.   SEASONAL IMMUNITY™. Bioactive Manuka Honey - Clinically tested to support antibacterial activity. Natural organic Vitamin C - Nature's antioxidant and immunostimulant. Turkey Tails Mushroom - Clinically studied mushroom mycelia supports immune-enhancing activities.  . Seasonal Immunity™ is formulated to support healthy seasonal immune function. Only a very small percentage of manuka honey is shown to contain the bioactive manuka factor responsible for this New Zealand honey's antibacterial activity. Seasonal Immunity™ contains manuka honey that is tested and certified to naturally possess the same active antiseptic properties as a 15% phenol solution. Cryogenically processed for maximum bioactivity.  . Only the super-potent mycelia of Turkey Tails Mushrooms are used to naturally maximize bioactive enzymes polysaccharides and protein-bound polysaccharides including beta-D-glucans which help support immune-enhancing activities.  . Natural organic Vitamin C from Brazilian acerola cherries grown on certified organic small plot farms are hand-picked when color indicates peak potency- provides 107% of the recommended daily value.  . SEASONAL IMMUNITY™ The "Whole" Story. Active Enzymes From Whole Food.  . Why Organic? Organic products are good for you and good for the environment. Certified organic whole foods are responsibly harvested and provide more of the healthy benefits that nature intended!  . Daily Bioactive Guarantee. •Futurebiotics employs fresh processing and low temperature drying to specially preserve the bioactivity of Certified Organic Seasonal Immunity™. The vibrant tablet color is a sure indicator of potency and freshness allowing us to guarantee:. •Enzymatically-active unheated certified organic manuka honey. •Natural vitamin C from specially grown and processed certified organic acerola cherries. •Each daily dose of Seasonal Immunity™ provides 64mg (107% DV) of vitamin C. •Bioactive polysaccharide-rich compounds from treasured certified organic turkey tails mushroom mycelium.  . Did You Know? This rare manuka honey comes from New Zealand. Hives are placed in the wilds of indigenous manuka groves where the manuka bush blooms just six weeks of the year.
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