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Amino Acids(1,696)
Coconut Oil(3,724)
Fish Oil(1,471)
Krill Oil(725)
Vitamin A(148)
Vitamin B(4,911)
Vitamin C(2,858)
Vitamin D(2,614)
Vitamin E(525)
Vitamin K(301)
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Futurebiotics Organic Digestive Greens -- 90 Vegetarian Tablets

USDA Certified Organic. Enzyme-Active Chlorophyll Complex. Daily Bioactives for Healthy Digestion.   Digestive Greens™. Raw chlorophyll-rich Wheat & Barley Grass Juices - Nutritionally supports healthy digestion. Nutrient-dense Spirulina - Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. Bioactive Fennel Sprouts - Helps stimulate digestion.  . Raw green foods are rich in chlorophyll and natural enzymes that help promote fecal excretion and detoxification supporting healthy digestion.  . Digestive Greens™ includes raw grass juice concentrates - not grass powder! Pure whole raw wheat and barley grass juice without any indigestible cellulose fibers ensuring a power-packed nutrient profile.  . Our certified organic spirulina is a single-celled blue-green algae powerhouse that is an incredible source of densely packed broad-spectrum nutrition including chlorophyll protein carotenoids and other phytonutrients and plant pigments that characterize green foods.  . used for generations to stimulate digestion and help soothe indigestion Digestive Greens™ features certified organic fennel sprouts grown from carefully selected certified organic non-hybridized heritage seeds.  . Digestive Greens™ The "Whole" Story. Active Enzymes From Whole Food.  . Why Organic? Organic products are good for you and good for the environment. Certified organic whole foods are responsibly harvested and provide more of the healthy benefits that nature intended!  . Daily Bioactive Guarantee. Futurebiotics employs fresh processing and low temperature drying to specially preserve the bioactivity of Certified Organic Digestive Greens™. Our vibrant tablet color is a sure indicator of potency and freshness allowing us to guarantee:. •Enzymatically-active chlorophyll complex from certified organic spirulina and certified organic wheat and barley grasses. •Naturally-occurring digestive-supporting volatile oils from certified organic fennel sprouts. •Bioactive raw wheat and barley grass juice concentrates.  . Did You Know? Our super-potent fennel sprouts are sprouted from heritage seeds that have not been subject to commercial hybridization. Heritage seeds typically have higher nutritional values than hybridized seeds.
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