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Millennium Sport Technologies RagNOrok™ Ultra Crushing Punch -- 1.32 lbs

Battle Ready Pre-Workout Intensifier. Six Physique Altering Blends. Unique All-In-One Formula. Creatine. Nitric Oxide. Beta Alannine. Antioxidants. Electrolytes Zero Sugar Zero Carbs Aspartame Free Accesulfame-K Free. Ragnorok-Ultra is formulated to support all aspects of athletic performance:.  . Increase training intensity energy and motivation. Increase intramuscular carnosine levels. Maximize strength and power. Increase endurance and training capacity. Elevate focus and mental alertness. Increase vascularity pump and muscle fullness. Buffer lactic acid and ammonia to decrease muscle fatigue. Increase oxygen absorption & utilization. Bolster nitric oxide and blood flow for muscular nutrient delivery. Increase ATP for improved cellular energy and strength. Ragnorok-Ultra is formulated for healthy adults ages 10-50 seeking to maximize and support strength endurance performance and muscular development during all forms of athletic training and competition. Regardless of your sport Ragnorok-Ultra can help you crush your plateaus while allowing you to train and compete at the highest levels of intensity.
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