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Genesis Nutrition Super Body Shaper Fast Acting Super Shaper -- 100 Tablets

Multi-Action Advanced Formula. Super Body Shaper from Genesis Nutrition is a natural blend of amino acids that is aimed at improving functioning of hormones that keeps your body in shape. The supplement is used widely by bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts for a toned body lean muscle mass and an unremitting source of energy. Three to five tablets of Super Body Shaper are ideal for a well toned body. The natural ingredients make it typically safe to have and reduce chances of unwanted side effects. However in the rare possibility of allergic reactions a physician should be consulted to determine the right dose. Potent Amino Acid Complex. Super Body Shaper is a potent mix of Arginine Pyroglutamte Lysine Ornithine Glycine Dipeptide and Choline. Choline is a soluble ammonium salt that improves structural integrity and neurotransmitter capacities of cell membranes. Choline is also known to maintain proper metabolism rates in the body. Choline is widely used to treat conditions of hypertension anxiety and a variety of disorders – Alzheimer’s disease liver conditions depression cognitive conditions glaucoma hepatitis and even neurological disorders. The benefits of this ammonium salt also extend to a healthy circulation system and strong cardiovascular health. Glycine Dipeptide is used to build muscle tissues and convert glucose into energy. Since it converts glucose it is useful in maintaining sugar levels in blood. It is also effective in regulating production of bile acids that digest fat and is therefore used widely to improve the health of the digestive system. Glycine also inhibits neurotransmitters causing depression and hyperactivity syndromes and is a key amino acid aiding the health of the nervous system as well. Ornithine Arginine and Lysine. The key body shaping capability of Super Body Shaper comes from Ornithine. This amino acid is a key member in the urea cycle aiding removal of excess nitrogen from the body. Ornithine prevents accumulation of harmful nitrogenous wastes and ensures appropriate running of the liver. Ornithine has also been found to be effective in enhancing the secretion of growth hormones and building lean body mass when combined with arginine. Arginine aids in boosting stamina and energy levels. It also enhances release of growth hormone and aids synthesis of proteins. It achieves this effect by suppressing Endogenous Somatostatin (a hormone that reduces the secretion of growth hormones) secretion. Arginine has decreases blood pressure and repairs damaged muscle and bone tissues- an excellent post work out supplement. Arginine also is effective in improving blood circulation to muscles and vital organs. Bodybuilders prefer arginine supplements as they gain muscle mass as a result of the improved blood flow. However this amino acid is a must have for regular health conscious individuals as well who gain from superior functioning of vital organs.  . The Lysine Component. The Lysine component in Super Body Shaper helps build stronger bones ligaments and tendons. It is also effective in improving overall immunity levels by improving antibody formation in the body. The Super Body Shaper is a complete mix of powerful amino acids with multiple benefits including that of a well shaped body. Buy the supplement for its natural composition and impressive components. The trust and quality guarantee of Genesis Nutrition makes the Super Body Shaper a must have in any workout enthusiast’s diet chart.
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4 / 5
This product is surprisingly good.
 July 2, 2012
"I thought I might try - Genesis Nutrition Body Shaper Fast Acting Super Shaper, surprising results it is what it says good job Genesis......"
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