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Amino Acids(1,696)
Coconut Oil(3,724)
Fish Oil(1,472)
Krill Oil(725)
Vitamin A(148)
Vitamin B(4,911)
Vitamin C(2,858)
Vitamin D(2,615)
Vitamin E(525)
Vitamin K(301)
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Natural Factors 7 Day Total Nutritional Cleanse -- 1 Kit

With RevitalX® & Detoxitech®. Low Allergy Potential Low Glycemic Index & Gluten Free. Revitalize/Detoxify/Energize.   The 7 Day Total Nutritional Cleansing Program is a revolutionary detoxification program scientifically formulated to promote gastrointestinal health and complete nutritional support for your body as it goes through the detoxification process. It is a 2-step process that prepares the digestive and gastrointestinal systems for detoxification while nourishing the body.  . After completing the 7 Day program most people feel energized have an increased sense of well-being have shed some pounds and have taken vital steps toward insuring good health.  . The Program Kit Includes:. 1-248 g bottle of RevitalX® Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula - Step 1 (Days 1 to 4). 1-355.5 g bottle of Detoxitech® Detoxification and Cellular Cleasning Formula - Step 2 (days 5 to 7). 7 supplement packets one for each day each packet contains:. Colon Support - 2 tablets. Liver Support - 3 capsules. Colon Support Tablets. Colon Support Tablets are an all-natural gentle laxative that produces effective action in 6-12 hours. For the relief of occasional constipation. Helps purge the bowels of toxins during this 7 day program.  . Liver Support Capsules. Liver Support Capsules supply key substances used by the liver to help detoxify harmful chemicals. Also contains important phytochemicals that act to protect liver cells from damage in an effort to protect liver function.
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