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Dymatize Elite XT Extended Release Blueberry Muffin -- 2.2 lbs

ZYTRIX Advanced Enzyme Matrix. Extended Release. Longer Lasting. Time Release Formula. Multi-Protein Matrix. Utilizes Nutrateric® Patented Delayed Release Technology. ELITE XT Extended Release protein is designed to be the ultimate muscle fuel and workout recovery formula. Knowing that protein helps repair muscles and fuels the body throughout the day Dymatize wanted to develop a product that took recovery to the next level one that would revolutionize the protein category.  . ELITE XT is further enhanced by the addition of Nutrateric® a revolutionary pharmaceutically-developed coating system. This delayed release technology allows the specific material it coats to release at a particular pH range. In fact with this coating process the resulting digestion can take more than twice as long as other forms of non-coated protein further enhancing the extended release capacity of Dymatize ELITE XT.  . After a battery of tests and trials Dymatize has developed a calculated protein timing system that we call Sustained Muscle Saturation Technology (SMST). How does SMST work? Different proteins have different chemical compositions and different rates at which they can be assimilated by the body. By developing an absorption "time-line" of the highest quality proteins we were able to create the basis of the ELITE XT.  . To develop Dymatize ELITE XT every facet of protein usage was analyzed. Nitrogen retention absorption as well as several other factors including specific amino acid profiles were examined. Some of these additional factors include:. Rate of Absorption (RA): The rate each different protein source releases its amino acids. Protein Digestibility Correct Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS): An evaluation "best method" used by the FDA and FAO/WHO which uses nitrogen absorption and amino acid profile to rate quality. Amino Acid Profile: Each protein source has its own unique amino acid profile. Biological Value (BV): Derived from the amount of Nitrogen absorbed over the amount of Nitrogen incorporated into the body. Helps determine the amount of p protein absorbed from different protein sources. Net Protein Utilization (NPU): is used to determine the ideal amount of essential amino acids.  . Dymatize determined that no single existing natural protein source was ideal for achieving extended release anabolic effects. The optimal source was found to be a fusion of several different protein sources including the addition of free form branch chain amino acids and other free form amino acids. Milk derived proteins including Micellar Casein and Whey protein concentrates all perfect score holders on both the PDCAAS and the BV scales form the base of ELITE XT.  . Lastly we have added the advanced enzyme matrix Zytrix® to help aid the efficiency of the absorption of protein and other nutrients found in ELITE XT. Furthermore there is an added lipid blend that is specifically designed to help promote a longer absorption rate of the proteins by creating a complete anabolic nitrogen rich environment which is sustained in the body for an extended period of time.  . Dymatize ELITE XT represents a massive step forward in Extended Release Protein Technology.
Overall rating:
3.333 / 5
(3 reviews) 3
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Customer reviews for Dymatize Elite XT Extended Release Blueberry Muffin -- 2.2 lbs
Review 1 for Dymatize Elite XT Extended Release Blueberry Muffin -- 2.2 lbs
Overall rating:
5 / 5
5 / 5
tastey, low in sugar, works well in baked goods.
 October 21, 2013
" clean flavor, low in sugar and works really well with baked goods like protein pancakes. "
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Review 2 for Dymatize Elite XT Extended Release Blueberry Muffin -- 2.2 lbs
Overall rating:
3 / 5
3 / 5
fromBeverley Hills, CA
 October 3, 2013
" This flavor sounds a lot better in theory than in practice. Although the novelty factor of drinking a protein shake that tasted like a blueberry muffin sustained me for the first few drinks, that quickly wore off. The taste is mediocre - I see what they were going for, but it's chalky, and artificial enough to be off-putting. I would try this only if you're completely burnt out after years of your standard vanilla and chocolate. Even the relatively small 2lb size is really too big for a flavor like this, which you would really have to try before buying, ideally. I wouldn't repurchase, personally. Even though taste is personal, I would think that part of the charm of a blueberry muffin is in its texture and form; drinking something that vaguely tastes like it that was concocted in a laboratory is just cloying. "
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Review 3 for Dymatize Elite XT Extended Release Blueberry Muffin -- 2.2 lbs
Overall rating:
2 / 5
2 / 5
Barely bearable
 April 23, 2013
" All of the XT line is a fine powder and has a chalky taste. I am thinking this is due to the extended nature of the protein release. Keeping that in mind, this product line (minus blueberry) tastes better when mixed into a smoothie, (2 ingredient) pancakes, or other foods. Standalone, i.e. mixed with water and the story is quite different with my rankings (based on flavor alone):
Fudge Brownie
Rich Chocolate / Banana Nut
Blueberry Muffin
The blueberry muffin smells exactly like it sounds but the taste is mired by a tremendous amount of chalkiness to the point it is nearly unpalatable. I say nearly because I am pretty tolerant about food. The flavor is blueberry but it reminds me of cough syrup. So far, I have tried this standalone, with a smoothie (yogurt, orange juice, fresh strawberries) and incorporated into a muffin of the same name - all lousy across the board.
From a protein standpoint, it's Dymatize and nothing more needs to be said about the high quality protein it contains. "
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