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Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush Orange -- 22.33 oz

The World's First Neuroendocrine and NOX Mix! Super-Set Formula with Amino Nitrates. Testosterone Igniter. Pre-workout Neuroendocrine & Nox Intensifier. New Bullnox is the world's first Pre-Workout Neuroendocrine & Nitric Oxide (NOX) Intensifying drink mix with a "Super-Set" formula whose effects are intended to change with each set that you perform. Your neural endocrine and NOX systems work together to regulate the output of androgens such as testosterone. Each system can be severely taxed by chronic fatiguing exercise. In turn this can slash the muscle-building potency of your pumps. Like a whirlwind whips the desert sand delicious new Bullnox excites a 3-part neural endocrine and NOX "Androrush" that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Through the power of Bullnox every muscle now has the potential to pump up larger and its strength last longer than would otherwise be possible. Feel the new Bullnox Super-Set formula working set by set! Its ingredients were chosen on the basis of their potential to support:. Immediate "Neural Energy": Feel Bullnox working by the first set! Unbeatable "Strength-Endurance": Lift more weight for more reps without "gassing". "Cardiovasomuscular Dilation": Watch your tissues expand as you train. "Endocrine Ignition": Without the risk of hormonal side effects. Make sure every second of training yields solid muscle gains. Bullnox is engineered to maximize training-induced muscular adaptations when partnered with new Bullrush the world's first and leading recelerator! Use Bullrush during and/or after workouts to replace cellular substrates compress recovery time and grow faster! Feel new Bullnox working with you set by set! Set 1 ("Andro Stimulation"):. Purpose: Support the naturally occurring testosterone response to exercise and amplify it The Andro Stimulation also further enhances the 'Pump' response to exercise. Set 2 ("Neuro-Emotive Energy"):. Purpose: Support overall neurological performance and motivation by enhancing cognitive function and decreasing the muscular pain associated with exercise. Will also enhance and sustain energy levels during exercise without overstimulation or a drop off in performance. Set 3 ("Cardiovasomuscular Dilation"):. Purpose: Increase nitric oxide (NOX) levels blood flow and dilation/volumization of cardiovascular and muscular tissues; improve quality of pumps (faster onset harder). Set 4 ("Strength-Endurance"):. Purpose: Enhance strength and power levels (increasing 1 rep maximum). Also boosts endurance by reducing blood lactates to increase your ability to perform multiple repetitions. The formula is designed to maximize power output while minimizing water retention.
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