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MRI CE2 Hi-Def™ Thermogenic Creatine Complex -- 180 Caplets

Increases Strength in Fast Twitch (type I) and Slow Twitch (type II) Muscle Fibers. Prolongs Time of Maximum Strength. Helps Break Down Mobilize and Burn Fat. Enhanced with Beta-Alanine. Users Report No Edema or Muscle Cramping. Picture Yourself in Hi-Def: Strong AND Cut. At the Same Time! We formulated CE2 HI-DEF for people that want to be strong and cut. You see with regular creatine athletes have talked about getting stronger but complain about getting bloated and "puffy" looking at the same time. Now with CE2 HI-DEF you have the same ester creatine technology that the CE2 label is famous for but you also get THERMO-RK thermogenic technology to enhance the break-down fat for enhanced muscular definition. Without compromising the strength gains you're looking for in a creatine supplement. But there's more. With CE2 HI-DEF you're also getting beta alanine for enhanced strength gains and prolonged aerobic strength. That's because beta alanine helps buffer muscles from fatigue-inducing lactic acid.
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