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Champion Nutrition UltraMet® Low Carb Vanilla Cream -- 20 Packets

Low-Carbohydrate Meal Supplement. Only 6 g of Carbs per Serving. 35 g of Protein. Mixed Instantly - No Blender Required. Fat-Burners & Lipotropics. 27 Vitamins & Minerals. Satisifies Longer. Fiber & FOS. 20 Convenient Singe-Serving Packets. UltraMet Low Carb: Complete Nutrition For A Low Carb Diet.  . Low Carb Doesn't Have to Mean High Fat. The right kinds of fat are important for health as well as appetite control. But some low-carb diets include irresponsible levels of unhealthy fats. UltraMet Low Carb contains a responsible level of fat including essential fatty acids plus vitamins minerals fiber and micronutrients. With UltraMet Low Carb you don't have to sacrifice good nutrition.  . UltraMet Low Carb Keeps You Satisfied Longer. The secret to sticking to your low-carb diet is to never feel hungry. The trouble with most low-carb diet supplements is that they don't keep you full until your next meal. UltraMet Low Carb contains up to 10 grams more protein per serving than other low-carb meal supplements. You'll breeze through to your next meal without cheating.  . High Protein Protects Your Precious Muscle. Fact: Muscle is what burns fat. If you run short of protein on your low-carb diet your body will begin to consume your muscles for energy. Your metabolism will slow down. The extra high-quality protein and amino acids in UltraMet Low Carb help to protect your muscles and keep your metabolism going strong.  . Your Body Wants Fiber and FOS. Fact: Low-carb diets don't include much fruit. UltraMet Low Carb contains soluble fiber like that found in fruit and is the only product of its kind to contain FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which aid in digestion.  . Fat-Mobilizing Formula. Fact: Excess carbohydrates in your diet will convert into fat. UltraMet Low Carb's fat-fighting formula helps you burn existing fat stores while also reducing the conversion of carbs into fat.  . Perfect for Anyone with a Desire to Excel. Whether you are a serious athlete trying to improve your lean body mass or a busy mother trying to eat better and reduce body fat UltraMet Low Carb fulfils all your requirements for a lasting satisfying high-protein meal supplement that tastes great.  . Only Quality Ingredients. Champion Nutrition has a twenty year reputation for uncompromising quality and innovation. Our whey and milk proteins come with health certificates from inspected American cows. Our ingredients are processed with minimum heat so you get the highest bioavailability. Each ingredient is chosen after a careful review of quality and safety.
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