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Champion Nutrition Power Glutamine Powder -- 1 lb

Pharmaceutical-Grade Free-Form L-Glutamine. Supports Immune System Function. Helps Improve Recovery. Supports Protein Synthesis. 1 Pound Powder. Research confirms what many in sports nutrition have believed for so long: L-glutamine is essential for protein synthesis immune function gastrointestinal health and recovery. Multiple scientific studies suggests that by taking supplemental L-glutamine you can help your body prevent muscle protein loss due to intense stress or exercise. Additionally studies have found that consuming supplemental L-glutamine stimulates the release of growth hormone volumizes your muscle cells and helps control toxic ammonia. What's more L-glutamine works in the gut helping to increase the absorption of other nutrients such as creatine potentially making them more effective. CHAMPION NUTRITION's Power Glutamine contains only HPLC-grade 100% pure L-glutamine—the type used in clinical studies. It is virtually tasteless and mixes quickly and easily into protein drinks or other beverages.
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