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Aquagen Maximum Performance Oxygen -- 2 fl oz

Enhances Alertness. Increases Energy and Stamina. Boost Endurances. Extra Strength. What is AQUAGEN. AQUAGEN is the world's foremost oxygen supplement technology. It's unique proprietary formula bonds oxygen in a natural solution of distilled water. The highly concentrated oxygen is released into the bloodstream through the digestive system where it is distributed throughout the body by red blood cells.  . Oxygen and Health. Medical practitioners and nutritionists agree that oxygen plays a significant role in sustaining a healthy mind and body. AQUAGEN is a stabilized oxygen supplement for the body. Today pollution increases around us in the air we breath and the water we drink; daily stress steals oxygen from our bodies; and other dietary deficiencies reduce the life-sustaining oxygen that leads to healthy cellular metabolism. The body cannot function properly without a dependable supply of oxygen--and many believe that oxygen depletion may be the cause of disease. AQUAGEN is a safe pH balanced oxygen supplement that puts oxygen back into our bodies and may enhance mental awareness physical endurance and stamina and ensure a better quality of life.  . The Power of Oxygen. Nutrients in our bodies---such as proteins carbohydrates and fats---must have a constant supply of oxygen to convert "potential" energy into "usable" energy. This "energy" is what fuels our bodies and gives us the endurance and stamina to survive and thrive in our daily lives. Aquagen efficiently supplements the body's oxygen supply to effect this transformation and give our bodies vital energy. Cellular regeneration ( we lose billions of cells every day) requires the bonding of oxygen with amino acids in our bodies. The AQUAGEN technology offers an effective oxygen supplement to help in this daily rebuilding process.  . The toxins and pollutants that invade our environment and bodies through air food and water can be inhibited or even destroyed by ample amounts of oxygen in our bodies. Thus oxygen is the basic ingredient of energy and life! Oxygen is not manufactured or stored in our bodies---it is consumed by our cells every moment we breath (and by this very act of breathing we create the need for constant oxygenation). AQUAGEN the premier oxygen supplement on the market today provides this essential source of extra oxygen to the body.
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