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Eden Foods Mekabu Sea Vegetable -- 0.88 oz

Wakame Sea Vegetable Sporophyll. Wild Grown & Hand Harvested. Kosher. EDEN Mekabu is the ruffled flowering sprout located at the base of the sea vegetable wakame Undaria pinnatifida just above the root. Mekabu is also known as the sporophyll of the wakame plant. EDEN Wakame grows wild in the environmentally protected Ise (ee-say) Bay located in the central eastern area of the main island Honshu. Mekabu has a pleasant mellow sweet flavor and is highly regarded in Japan and other parts of Asia. The wakame is hand harvested by fishermen in boats using long bamboo poles with a sickle attached that cuts the wakame loose. As the wakame floats to the surface the fishermen pull the plants into the boats. After bringing the wakame to shore the upper wavy fronds are removed and used to make whole dried wakame like EDEN Wakame or instant dried flakes like EDEN Wakame Flakes. The root is removed and the remaining section mekabu is washed before undergoing a two step drying process using both sun and slow oven drying techniques for several more hours. After sun drying thoroughly the mekabu is misted with pure water very finely shredded and then oven dried.
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