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Pure Kidz Vitamin C Spray -- 1 fl oz

"Vitamin C is Most Commonly Known for Aiding in the Function of the Immune System". Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic Acid has many benefits. Vitamin C supports a variety of the body's structures and is essential to the formation of bonesand teeth. Since humans cannot manufacture their own vitamin C due to a lack of an enzyme this is why vitamin C is known as an essential nutrient. Humans need to consume it through foods rich in the vitamin or supplement it within their diet. Vitamin C is most commonly known for aiding in the function of the immune system. Maintaining healthy vitamin C levels during the cold and flu season may keep kids healthier during the time when the immune system may be weaker. Taking extra vitamin C at the onset of a cold may help kids get back to their normal self in much less time that usual. Pure Kidz Vitamin C Spray Benefits:. Vitamin C boosts immune function helps the body fight stress and enhances collagen production (needed for healthy skin bones teeth & connective tissue). Vitamin C is required for at least 300 metabolic functions in the body including tissue & growth repair adrenal gland function & the production of anti-stress hormones. Studies have shown that Vitamin C supplementation can reduce the symptoms of asthma & reduce LDL levels “low density lipoproteins” which are the bad cholesterol in the body. Vitamin C is involved in the manufacture of carnitine a substance necessary for the production of energy from fatty acid in cells. It is necessary for the activity of the enzyme system which metabolizes drugs in the body. It is also necessary for iron absorption and plays a role in the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids for excretion.*. Vitamin C is important in the synthesis of adrenal hormones and is depleted from the adrenal glands in times of stress.*. Vitamin C is critical to immune function and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin C has been shown to lower the risk for cancers of the oral cavity esophagus stomach colon and lungs.*. Vitamin C also plays a role in the manufacture of neurotransmitters. It is necessary for the conversion of trytophan to serotonin and of tyrosine to dopamine and adrenaline.*
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