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Life Extension Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 -- 100 mg - 60 Softgels

Enhanced Delivery System for Maximum Absorption. Coenzyme Q10 is an Essential Component of Healthy Mitochondrial Function. CoQ10 is required to convert fats and sugars into cellular energy yet the natural production of CoQ10 declines precipitously with advancing age. When the body has an ample amount of CoQ10 the mitochondria can work most efficiently throughout the entire body including the most densely populated area the heart. CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant helping protect the proteins lipids and DNA of mitochondria from oxidation and supporting mitochondrial function. More humans are supplementing with coenzyme Q10 than ever before. One reason is the increased awareness that the “statin” drugs used to lower LDL and cholesterol deplete the body of CoQ10. What most doctors don’t know however is that normal aging may result in more of a reduction in CoQ10 than taking statin drugs. For example while statin drugs have been shown to reduce plasma CoQ10 by 40% the aging process reduces CoQ10 levels in the heart muscle wall by 72%. What is particularly frightening is the thought of people taking statin drugs who fail to supplement with CoQ10. The CoQ10 deficit caused by the dual affects of aging and statin drug use could result in severe depletion of cellular vitality. n K deficiency can pose risks to the vascular system.
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