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AlpineAire Foods Gourmet Reserves® White Rice Cooked Instant -- 32 oz

Contains an Oxygen Absorber Packet for Longer Shelf Life. No Cooking Required. The makers of AlpineAire Foods® created Gourmet Reserves® in 1991. The same food used to support the hardiest adventurers who demand wholesome nutritious foods to fortify their most challenging efforts is now available for long-term storage.  . MSG artificial colorings or flavorings are never added to our products. Please note: small amounts of MSG may occur naturally in autolyzed yeast.  . Many Gourmet Reserves® entrees simply require adding hot or cold water and stirring. Entrees come with pre-measured spice packets to ensure the very best in taste and storage.  . Oxygen absorbers are used with every can to seal in freshness and extend shelf life.  . Gourmet Reserves® uses heavy gauge metal cans to guard against rust and moisture.  . Always compare daily caloric counts verses the competition. Gourmet Reserves® offers the most for the money.  . Storage Tips: Avoid storage places that experience temperature build up such as attics garages or car trunks. Ideally room temperature is best - the cooler the better.  . Never store your reserves on the ground or concrete floors - moisture can build up inside the containers.  . Store in a location(s) that is easily accessed for periodic inspections. Rotate your food supplies regularly.  
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