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Futurebiotics Prostabs Plus® -- 90 Tablets

Nutrition for Men™. Raw Prostate Concentrate plus Amino Acids Herbs & Zinc. Multi-ingredient formula. Now with Lycopene and pomegranate. 20 mg of Zinc per daily does. Prostabs Plus™ is a synergistic combination of nutrients traditionally used to support prostate health. It contains the benefits of Raw Prostate Glandular targeted botanicals including Saw Palmetto extract amino acids and select nutrients. Prostabs Plus™ is part of a series of advanced state-of-the-art nutritional supplements designed especially for today's health-conscious man.  . Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is the most common prostate problem in men. Suspected to be a normal part of the aging process in men it is caused by changes in the balance of hormones and growth factors. The incidence of BPH increases progressively with age. Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include difficulty starting or stopping urination interrupted sleep for frequent urination at night and frequent sense of urgency and slow urine flow.  . Saw Palmetto berries contain a diverse group of biologically active fatty acids and phytosterols and have been the subject of extensive research for prostate support. Saw Palmetto is the best studied of the natural therapies for BPH. These studies indicate that Saw Palmetto not only helps reduce the symptoms of BHP but additionally has been demonstrated to shrink prostate tissue. Lycopene from tomato extract has demonstrated significant association with prostate cellular health while Pomegranate standardized for ellagic acid has been found to be important to good health.  . Glycine Glutamic Acid and Alanine are a unique blend of amino acids. Amino acids form the chief structure of proteins. These three particular amino acids are believed to play an important role in prostate health including helping to reduce swelling of the prostate and excessive urination. Prostabs Plus™ also includes Zinc which has been shown to reduce the symptoms of BPH and Prostate Glandular which has been used to help support prostate health and its proper functioning. Prostabs Plus™ utilizes bovine prostate glandular.  . Glass packaging extends natural freshness and helps maintain product potency.
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