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Futurebiotics Cranberry Plus™ -- 90 Tablets

Advanced Woman's Formula.  . Cranberry Extract Supplement with Vitamin C & Herbs. Concentrated Cranberry extract. Unique multi-botanical blend plus vitamin C. All the benefits of Cranberries in convenient easy-to-swallow tablets. The urinary tract is the body's filtering system for removal of liquid wastes. Antibiotic use excessive sugar consumption chronic vaginitis and waiting too long to empty the bladder are just some of the issues that can have a negative impact on the delicate balance within the urinary tract. Cranberry Plus™ is a concentrated cranberry extract formula that has been designed to help nutritionally support urinary tract health.* Cranberry Plus™ is part of a series designed specifically for women who demand the most and expect nothing less from their supplements. Research indicates that Cranberry helps inhibit harmful pathogens from adhering to the mucosal cells lining the urinary tract. Cranberry Plus™ contains a highly concentrated Cranberry extract that provides all the benefits of Cranberry without the added calories and refined or artificial sweeteners found in processed cranberry juice. In fact it takes 25 pounds of cranberries to make 1 pound of the concentrated cranberry extract employed in Cranberry Plus™. Additional support is provided by a unique blend of botanicals traditionally used to support urinary tract health. Echinacea has been shown to help positively impact the immune system while Buchu Juniper Berries and Uva Ursi have historically been used as natural diuretics and to help rid the urinary tract system of harmful bacteria or other irritants. Vitamin C provides immune support. Cranberry Plus™ is offered in small easy-to-swallow tablets. Glass packaging extends natural freshness and helps maintain product potency.
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