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MHP Cyclin with ZMA -- 120 Capsules

Awakens millions of dormant muscle precursor cells. Supports the development of new muscle tissue with full phase muscle growth cycle technology. Induces deep REM sleep patterns & maximizes the cascade of hormone production. Cyclin-GF is a scientific breakthrough of massive proportions. The latest research in muscle fiber cell growth has revealed that stored deep within muscle tissue is a vast supply of millions and millions of inactive "dormant" Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs). They can either be activated to kickstart new muscle fiber growth or they can remain dormant. Moreover MPCs that are activated typically don't achieve maturity due to suboptimal conditions and high levels of undesirable muscle cell suppressing arrestor substances. Until now bodybuilders were only tapping into a fraction of their muscle building potential because of millions of inactive Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs). Through the development of Cyclin-GF MHP's research team has discovered the secret of how to activate these dormant Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs) and promote the best internal environment necessary to stimulate Muscle Precursor Cell (MPC) activation and carry them through the vital full phase muscle growth cycle needed to achieve massive muscle fiber maturity. Cyclin-GF is your key to wake up the millions of sleeping Muscle Precursor Cells and stimulate them to grow into mature full blown massive muscles.
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