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Jarrow Formulas COX2TAME® -- 90 Softgels

Natural COX-2 Inhibitors. COX2TAME is a synergistic blend of herbal extracts and oleoresins (full spectrum herbal extracts) known to provide natural Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme inhibition. COX-2 inhibition is important for healthy joint function normal cellular development (overexpression of COX-2 causes abnormal cell development) and healthy aging. COX2TAME contains Omega 3 fatty acids known to generate prostaglandins series 3 (PGE3) and inhibit COX-2. GLA from Borage seed oil extract enhances synthesis of prostaglandins series E1 (PGE1). Devil’s Claw contains COX-2 inhibitors iridoid glycosides such as harpagosides clinically proven to improve joint motility and flexibility. White Willow Bark is a bitter herb rich in flavonoids and salicyclic derivatives (salicin and salicortin) responsible for inhibiting COX-2. Other COX2TAME Herbs/phytochemicals: Curcumin Ginger Quercetin Resveratrol Green Tea: sources of powerful phenolic antioxidants which disrupt the signaling processes which activate COX-2 gene expression.
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