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Fizogen Blitz Cycle -- 200 Caplets

Muscle Cell Pump Amplifier. Volumizer. Vasodilator. EXPLODE YOUR PUMPS and BLAST YOUR MUSCLE CELLS with the most powerful combination of performance enhancing compounds to date! The first ever arginine citrulline and creatine esters combined with the orotic acid and a natural acetate ester of pure 20-beta-hydroxy-ecdysone extract. Subject of 3 pending U.S. patents BLITZ CYCLE combines the latest advancements in muscle signaling compounds that may dramatically increase vascularity workload capacity power output cellular expansion gene expression receptor stimulation endurance and energy levels. The multiple mechanisms of action employed are combined to stimulate accelerated recovery and repair of muscle fiber which may cause a dramatic expansion and thickening of the myocytic cellular structure. Each patent pending technology has been developed to provide heightened lipophillic absorption via decreased polarity and enhanced fat solubility of the parent compound. The results of this enhanced bioavailability are extremely fast acting effects. Immediately noticed effects of BLITZ CYCLE may include quick and lasting spikes of energy levels without adrenal stimulation. Additionally rapidly combined vascular system activation and cellular volumization may deliver an extreme and CONTINUOUS PUMP within hours of first use. Further stimulation by natural driving agents and acetate-modified esters provides unmatched biological activity for safe and prolonged muscle support.
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