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Nature's Answer Ginger -- 1000 mg - 1 fl oz

Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology™. Zingiber officinale. Super Concentrated. Discover Nature's Answer™. Alcohol Free / Gluten Free. Herbal Supplement. Bio-Chelated. Kosher. Nature's Answer® alcohol free extracts are produced using the cold Bio-Chelated®. proprietary extraction process yielding a Holistically Balanced® Authentic Botanical Fingerprint™ extract in the same synergistic ratios as in the plant. Nature's Answer®'s is NSF GMP Certified Organic and Kosher Certified
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Customer reviews for Nature's Answer Ginger -- 1000 mg - 1 fl oz
Review 1 for Nature's Answer Ginger -- 1000 mg - 1 fl oz
Overall rating:
5 / 5
5 / 5
fromOrange, CA
Daily supplement usage:3-5 supplements daily
Referral source:Self-referred
Reason for usage:Promote overall health
Duration of use:Over 180 days
Outstanding Health Benefits
 March 18, 2014
"We have been using Nature's Answer Ginger (Alc-free) for well over 2 years. Although I had been maintaining a healthy diet as well as a high level of fitness (running, weight training, etc) I was experiencing severe stomach/digestive distress.
Prior experience and research showed that ginger provided a natural digestive remedy by supporting a healthy digestive system. However, I did not want to go through the time-consuming task of finding, buying and preparing natural, whole ginger root for consumption.
Further research (internet, local health food market research) showed this product, Nature's Answer, as the best, most effective ginger solution due to its processing methodologies and lack of alcohol.
We don't use it for its ginger flavor or "taste" but for its health benefits. The effects of this product (or just the regular use of ginger, period) have been truly phenomenal. I am not exaggerating one bit that the use of ginger, especially Nature's Answer, has produced amazing results virtually eliminating any previous digestive symptoms.
Fyi, to test the effectiveness, I would periodically stop using Nature's Answer in the beginning and the same severe symptoms would reappear. In addition to supporting a healthful digestive system, ginger is also known for its circulatory benefits.
Lastly, after purchasing other products from Vitacost, I just learned that Vitacost also carries this product ... at a 37% discount to our local health food market! As an excellent health aid, I highly recommend Nature's Answer Alcohol-free Ginger Root extract."
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Review 2 for Nature's Answer Ginger -- 1000 mg - 1 fl oz
Overall rating:
2 / 5
2 / 5
fromCharlotte, NC
Not tasting the ginger...
 February 19, 2009
"While the price is excellent, I am just not tasting the ginger. I bought the product to add to bottles of purified water, and it just doesn't taste anything like ginger. If I had to name a flavor, I'd say it smells and tastes like concentrated coffee. I guess I'll have to try the expensive ginger oil next time."
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Review 3 for Nature's Answer Ginger -- 1000 mg - 1 fl oz
Overall rating:
5 / 5
5 / 5
fromRochester, MI
Best kept secret
 December 3, 2007
"I've used this product for over 15 years. It helps me when I work doubles (3PM til 7AM). I don't know how it works but it keeps me awake without any side effects. I love it."
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