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Sprout Revolution Sprouted Flax Powder Organic -- 8 oz

Premium Organic Raw. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Increased Vitamins and Minerals • Increased Enzymes • Increased Bioavailability. Lignans & Fiber. Gluten & Lactose Free. Certified Organic. Low Glycemic Index. Live Food for Raw Diets. Vegan / Vegetarian. GMO Free. Sprouting Gives You More Nutritional Value & Better Absorption Than Ground Flax Seed or Flax Oil. You and your body will be able to taste smell and feel the difference!  . Un-sprouted seed is very difficult for your body to digest. Sprouting biologically activates the seed. The plant proteins essential fatty acids starches and vitamins are now BIOAVAILABLE for human digestion resulting in better nutrient absorption by your body. Contains all essential amino acids. Enhanced factors and conditions for conversion of ALA to DHA and EPA. Low phytic acid to provide mineral bioavailability for conversion of ALA to DHA and EPA. Increased soluble to insoluble fiber ratio resulting in enhanced nutrient absorption. Sprouting also increases the seed's vitamins content which naturally stabilizes the essential fatty acids resulting in a product that DOES NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION or protective packaging thus it has a 2 year shelf life while still maintaining all nutritional benefits
Customer reviews for Sprout Revolution Sprouted Flax Powder Organic -- 8 oz
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