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Super Nutrition Vitamin D3 -- 2500 IU - 150 Tablets

The Sunshine Vitamin. A Dietary Supplement for Adults. Easy to Swallow Tablets. Vitamin D is made by our bodies in our skin with the power of sunlight. Depending on the season the latitude and our genetics our bodies may need from about two hours a week of sunshine to much more time in the sun to be able to make adequate amounts of vitamin D.  . Adequate amounts of vitamin D generate many important health benefits. Five of the most important are:. • Improve calcium absorption. • Boost immune strength. • Reduce the risk of bone fracture. • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. • Help maintain balance mood. Other than sunlight the only other sources of vitamin D are: (10 The small amounts in food (2) The larger amounts in supplements. If you're not getting enough sunlight supplements can deliver adequate amounts of vitamin D. SuperNutrition Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol believe to be the most highly bioavailable form of vitamin D.
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