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Montebello Kitchens Vinaigrette Lavender -- 11.8 fl oz

Savour Life • Eat Well • Be Happy. Nutrient Dense & Better For You. Oil Free. Preobiotics. Omega-3s. Electrolytes. Trace Minerals. Made by Hand in Small Batches. Chia is the richest plant source of omega-3 and contains more omega-3 than salmon is a complete protein with high levels of amino acids has more iron than spinach more magnesium than broccoli more calcium than milk. Coconut water supplies minerals trace minerals has almost 2x's the potassium of a banana has 5 electrolytes sodium magnesium calcium potassium phosphorus and supports rapid hydration. Inulin taken fro the agave plant is a prebiotic dietary fiber that promotes digestive health. Coconut Nectar is from the fragrant sweet sap of coconut palm blossoms low glycemic and is mineral rich being high in potassium magnesium zinc and iron.
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