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Fearn Soya Powder -- 1.5 lbs

Contains All The Natural Oil of the Soybean. Natural Low Sodium. Precooked Finely Ground Soybeans. For Use in Baking and for Making Soya Milk. Kosher. Fearn Soya Powder is made from good quality soybeans by washing the beans in water and then steam cooking at a maximum temperature of 215 F. The hulls are removed to avoid grittiness and because they are not a good source of nutrients anyway. The final step is grinding into a fine powder.  . We do not enhance our product with additional isoflavones. Studies to date show no added benefits to having more than the naturally occurring levels of approximately 2 milligrams per 1 gram of protein present in our product.  . No solvents or other processing agents are used and nothing is added. Natural Soya Powder is 100% natural 100% soybean product. We hope you enjoy its rich nutty flavor.  . What's the Difference Between Soya Powder and Soya Flour. Soya flour is made by grinding whole dry soybeans into flour in the same way wheat kernels are ground into flour. Soy flour often contains considerable hull material is more coarse and may even be raw. Soy flour is often dry-toasted after grinding to improve flavor and digestibility it may be used in baking recipes.  . Soya Powder is made by cooking the soybeans before grinding. Soy powder is finer than soy flour and usually has a better flavor. It may be used to make soya milk and it may also be used in baking recipes.  . Fearn Natural Soya Powder is an important ingredients in Fearn Pancake Mixes and many of our other products because it adds a good nutty flavor and the excellent nutrition of soya. Try it in your favorite recipes.
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