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HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth™ -- 17.65 oz

HealthForce SuperFoods. 100% TruGanic. Perfect Grounding Complement to Green Foods. Foundational Therapeutic Hard-Core Primal Whole Food Herbal SuperFood Complex for Deep Nourishment and Balance. Unlike ANY SuperFood You Have EVER Had! Longevity Food. Healing and Nutritive. Fatty Acids. Roots / Barks. Seeds / Herbs. Spices. Ancient Foods. Detoxifying. Enhances Regularity. Deeply Nutritive. Supports:. Liver - Kidneys. Pancreas - Blood. Bones - Muslces. Brain - Colon. Immune Functions. 100% Hard-Core. 100% Actual Food. Raw Food / Gluten Free / Deeply Nutritive and Healing. EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging. Vegan - Earth Health Compassion. Earth is Food Not a Supplement! The History of Earth: My deepest passion is for the Earth and all of its inhabitants to be healed on a core level. Compromise is not an option. Fluff is meaningless. Substance is everything. Great Spirit put the substances we need for healing on the Earth for us. It is my great honor to assemble them for you. Earth begins with a foundation of the legendary Renee Caisse and Hoxsey herbs and then goes where no product has gone before. 100% TruGanic: TruGanic is a purist hard-core quality standard significantly beyond organic. TruGanic includes authentic standards for all aspects of production including electromagnetic radiation air quality and actual verification of purity that organic is lacking. "The quality therapeutic concentration and affordability of a nutritional product can and often does mean the difference between lethargy and energy sickness and health and quite literally life and death. I don't want anyone to be tired sick or dead because they could not obtain or afford the best possible product. Loyalties can be divided. I want to make it clear where mine lies. My loyalty is to those who want to thrive and those whose life situation requires them to thrive. My loyalty is to the end user. My loyalty is to you. In my life now and one day when I look back upon my life that has and will still have value to me incomparable to any amount of money investors or fame." -Dr. Jameth Sheridan (Naturopath Dr. of Holistic Medicine Herbal Medicine Researcher)
Customer reviews for HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth™ -- 17.65 oz
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