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MHP ISOFAST Delicious Vanilla Milkshake -- 2.88 lbs

Ultra-Fast Whey Protein Isolate. Whey Milkshake. Accelerated Muscle Building Action. Ultra-Fast Absorption. Helps Preserve Lean Muscle Mass. Enhanced with Micronized BCAAs. 25 g Protein. ISOFAST: A Faster Whey For Faster Results. When it comes to building lean muscle whey protein isolate (WPI) remains the most popular protein choice available. Its speed of absorption high levels of BCAAs and low levels of fat sugar and carbs make it an ideal protein for a fit body. But with all this great nutrition comes inferior taste and a watery protein drink. Well not anymore - with the advent of ISOFAST Whey Milkshake MHP has made WPI even faster and more incredibly delicious with a creamy thick milkshake flavor.  . ISOFAST accelerates the absorption of WPI using its proprietary combination of Micronparticulation and Biohydrolysis Technology. Acting in concert these two technologies reduce the size of the protein particles in ISOFAST to less than 1/5th that of a typical protein and the speed the digestive reaction with the powerful Biohydrolase enzyme matrix. This allows the protein to be rapidly broken down into di-peptides tri-peptides and free form amino acids and absorbed more quickly.  . Muscles need high-quality protein. So feed them the best - the one that's faster then the rest. Enjoy a creamy mouthwatering ISOFAST Whey Milkshake any time you need an immediate muscle building boost. Don't make your muscles wait. Give them the faster whey: ISOFAST.  . ISOFAST Advanced Micronparticulation and Biohydrolysis Technologies! Micronparticluation Reduces Particle Size for 5x Greater Enzyme Concentration and Activation Potential: The micronization of purified whey protein isolate in ISOFAST reduces protein particle size. By making the ISOFAST particle less the 1/5th the size of a typical protein particle the surface area is increased allowing for 5x greater enzyme concentration and activation for a significantly faster and greater release of free amino acids.  . Biohdyrolysis Cleaves Protein into Di and Tri-Peptides for Rapid Absorption and Action: While micronization will greatly increase the surface area of the protein MHP scientists took protein supplementation a step further with a proprietary Biohydrolysis Technology that includes Biohydrolysis rapidly cleaves off the di-peptides tri-peptides and free amino acids so they can be absorbed quickly in the intestines and delivered to muscle tissue.  . ISOFAST - We Made WPI Smaller and Faster So You Can Grow Bigger and Stronger!
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