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Nutriforce Sports Glutamine -- 10.6 oz

Conditionally Essential Amino Acid For High Intensity Exercise & Recovery. Glutamine is the Most Abundant Free Form Amino Acid in the Human Circulatory System. It is Depleted During High Intensity Exercise and Must be Replenished to Promote Muscle Glycogen Recovery and Immune System Function. Benefits of Glutamine Supplementation. Glutamine has played a major role in sports nutrition for more than a decade and with its long history in supplementation it brings along many fallacies and misunderstandings in regards to its supplementation. For those that discredit glutamine supplementation because it is non-essential amino acid they need only look at the research that points to glutamine being depleted from high intensity exercise and its need to be replenished to maximize muscle glycogen and improve immune system function.  . This is the reason glutamine is appropriately classified as a conditionally essential amino acid. the immune system support of glutamine is often overlooked by serious athletes and is being seen as a non-factor in deciding its importance as part of their daily regimen. However high intensity exercise also depresses the immune system and frequent high intensity exercise can prevent gains in strength and muscle. When you train so often that your body cannot recover this is called over training. a large percentage of weightlifters suffer from over training and don't know it. You can only grow when you recovery and increasing the use of an amino acid designed to improve recovery time will maximize your progress towards your goals.  . Formulated tested and certified in a cGMP manufacturing laboratory. • Spare muscle glutamine stores and reduce muscle protein catabolism. • May stimulate glucose synthesis. • Promote enhanced recovery from training. • Support arginine and nitric oxide (NO) levels. • May improve the H+ (acid) - and ammonia-buffering capacity of the body. • May improve thermogenesis and metabolic rate. • Support blood glucose and energy levels
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