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Life Extension Vitamin D3 -- 1000 IU - 90 Softgels

Essential for Maintaining Healthy Bone Growth and Density. Vitamin D3 can be synthesized by humans in the skin upon exposure to ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation from sunlight. But due to the winter season weather conditions and sun screen usage the body’s ability to produce optimal vitamin D levels may be inhibited.1 These factors point to the value of taking a daily vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D has long provided significant support for healthy bone density. However scientists have also validated the critical role that vitamin D plays in regulating healthy cell division and differentiation and its profound effects on human immunity. These findings link a deficiency of vitamin D to a host of common age-related problems. As a result of evidence of widespread vitamin D deficiency prominent nutritional scientists are calling on Americans to increase their vitamin D intake to 1000 IU per day and higher. Life Extension recommends that healthy adults supplement each day with at least 2000 IU of vitamin D. Elderly adults may benefit from higher doses such as 5000 IU daily up to 10000 IU daily. The objective of taking a vitamin D supplement is to achieve an optimal 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level of 50 ng/mL (and higher). Vitamin D in the amount of 2000 IU is contained in the multinutrient Life Extension Mix™ and the multivitamin Two-Per-Day Tablets. A vitamin D blood test can help you determine the additional amount of vitamin D you may need to supplement to achieve an optimal level.  . Commercial companies offered only 400 IU vitamin D products when Life Extension long ago introduced this 1000 IU version. For most people this 1000 IU potency is insufficient to attain optimal vitamin D blood levels. For smaller individuals who obtain 2000-3000 IU in their multi-nutrient formulas (and children) this potency of vitamin D may be suitable. Life Extension has upgraded its vitamin D capsules to a small easy to swallow softgel form that does not include allergen ingredients or vegetable stearate.
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