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ALLMAX Nutrition Carbion+™ Zero Sugar Carb Drink Fruit Punch -- 2.4 lbs

High Performance Carbohydrate. Electrolyte Infused. Rapid Glycogen Loading Saturates Muscles For Maximum Performance. Elctrolyte Infused For Maximum Hydration & Performance. Extended-Duration Energy For Epic Training Sessions. 6-Carbs: CCD AWM2300 DE-5 Fibersol-2 Rice & Potato. Zero Sugar Carb Drink. The Perfect Carb Solution. Sustained energy for extreme training. Draws water away from skin. Pre-Contest/pre-training carb loading. Increases nutrient absorption. Zero bloating & No digestion issues. Gluten Free. Carbion+ is a 6-source sugar-free ion-charged carb  complex with unique properties owing to its very large molecular weight and low osmolarity. While sugar typically absorbs in the stomach CarbION+ moves rapidly to the small intestines where complete absorption powers your workouts like never before. What does this mean to you? An exceptionally well delivered energy-source that keeps muscle full and veins thick via enhancedglycogen levels and blood plasma volume. ION-CHARGED: Ion-charged means that we have infused Carbion+ with all 4 key electrolytes. When mixed into solution these charged particles dramatically enhance levels improve absorption and replace electrolytes lost through sweat. What does this mean to you? Optimal electrolyte mediated hydration throughout your workout yielding superior results through the toughest training. Maximum Uptake & Utilization: Problem with more simple carbs they can shoot your levels sky high leaving you feeling weat and spent. Carbion+ ahs engineered a complex of plant extracts that maximizes the absorption and utilization of the carbs you need. What does this mean to you? Carbion+ delivers energy to power the most intense training and accelerates glycogen replenishment to improve recovery.
Customer reviews for ALLMAX Nutrition Carbion+™ Zero Sugar Carb Drink Fruit Punch -- 2.4 lbs
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