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PharmaFreak Technologies Ripped Freak® Fat Burner -- 60 Capsules

Hybrid Fat Burner. 100% Newly Synthesized and Organically Altered Hybrid Lipolytic Compounds. Lose Body Fat Fast! Maximize Intensity Energy & Strength. Increase Epinephrine & Norepinephrine! 60 Servings. Ripped Freak. The World's First & Only Hybrid Fat Burner! Ripped Freak has been created specifically for hardcore bodybuilders and extreme athletes who are looking to get ripped beyond the body's natural limits! Ripped Freak Hybrid formula addresses all of the major fat-loss mechanisms. Ripped Freak's one-of-a-kin formula contains never-before-seen newly synthesized fat-burning ingredients including "Hybrid Lipolytic Compounds".  . "Hybrid" is a term that's been coined by the team of pharmaceutical and organic chemists. A Hybrid is defined as a compound derived from nature that has been synergistically enhanced to deliver more powerful effects! It is the ability of the chemists to alter and synthesize these new Hybrid compounds that make Ripped Freak far stronger then competitive products!  . Just try one serving for yourself and you will immediately feel Ripped Freak's unbelievably powerful effects! After just one serving your metabolic machinery will crank into overdrive and you'll actually be able to feel your body's biological systems achieve results fast!  . Live and Breathe the Ripped Freak Experience! Within exactly 45 minutes after your first dose of Ripped Freak you'll quickly begin too feel its powers take effect! Your body's metabolic rate will crank into overdrive and you'll notice a heightened sense of total-body awareness. The next thing you'll begin to feel is an increase in blood flow signaling fat mobilization. Yes it's true! You'll actually begin to feel blood rushing throughout your body as your body's fat-burning machinery is kicked into high gear! With Ripped Freak in your arsenal nothing stands in your way of becoming a true Ripped Freak!
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