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MRM Digest-All IC -- 60 Vegetarian Tablets

Probiotics & Spectrum of Digestive Enzymes. Helps Alleviate Occasional Gas & Bloating. 10 Billion CFU per Serving. Digest-All Intensive Care (IC) is designed to promote a healthy digestive system Enzyme and probiotic supplementation supports healthy digestion and natural immune function that can be lost to antibiotic use poor diet stress infections or other didgestive problems. Our unique blend of Ginger Peppermint and Triphala soothes comforts and blanaces the digestion process.  . 5 Probiotic Strains yielding 10 billion CFU/ serving. 13 Active Digestive Enzymes. Vegetarian Friendly.  . Patented Delivery Technology. The patented IBO-tract® delivery technology is a sophisticated blend of excipients designed to create a protective barrier between the fragile probiotics and the harsh stomach environment. Once in the small intestines the protective layer releases the digestive enzymes and LIVE probiotics. Bypassing the harsh stomach environment is essential for the introduction of ACTIVE cultures to the intestines that cannot be achieved by traditional capsules powders or even food.  . Patented Shelf Life Stability. Digest-All IC probiotic protection starts long before it gets ingested. The patented LiveBac® tableting process was designed to combat the negative effects of heat air and moisture present during conventional tableting methods. The result is a product that overcomes these obstacles to provide high viability probiotics with an increased shelf life even without refrigeration.
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