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Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Formula Turkey Carrots Potato -- 5.5 oz Each / Pack of 4

USDA Organic. Canine Formula. For Adult Dog. Why serve canned food to your dog? Variety is the spice of life! If you're tired of feeding your dog the same thing day after day canned foods are a simple way to add new flavors and allure to a complete and balanced kibble diet. Dog on the mend or needing to regain a few pounds? More calorically dense than kibble and easy to digest canned foods are a great option for dogs recovering from illness or injury and needing to gain back lost weight. With a dollop of highly digestible canned food mixed in with kibble you easily can add needed calories and nutrition to your pet's diet without adding a lot of volume. Having a tough time getting a finicky pet to eat? Canned or wet foods are a great way to encourage finicky eaters to eat a complete and balanced meal. If your furry family member is turning up their nose at what you're offering try adding canned food to the kibble serving. Just add a spoonful of wet food to your pet's normal kibble meal. Mix well and then warm. The aroma and flavor of the wet food is enhanced by warming and the moisture from the wet food brings out the flavors and aromas inherent in the kibble. A truly enticing mealtime! But remember: "Wield a light spoon . . ." It seems that some dogs can eat just about anything without it affecting them but many pets are quite sensitive to changes to their regular diet. And that's true even when the changes are positive like stepping up to a new kibble formula or adding canned food to encourage eating. So think about wielding a light spoon when adding canned foods to your dog's diet. To eliminate unwanted surprises "slow and gradual" is a good rule to follow when altering an established diet.  . PRODUCT INFORMATION.  . Did you know? The organic certification process requires each and every ingredient in Organix® (including those that are NOT organic) be reviewed by the organic certifying agency (that operates under the federal USDA National Organic Program) and approved for inclusion in the formula. A complete breakdown of our formula including sources of each ingredient is required as part of the organic certifying agency’s review and approval process. This independent third-party review and approval process is unique in pet food/treats. Organic ingredients have no pesticides no synthetic fertilizers no antibiotics no growth hormones no bioengineering (no GMO’s) no by-products.
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